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Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy Note 4 Could Be Defined By An Unusual Accessory - Nasdaq.com

Reports have suggested that Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 will use a higher resolution display than the Note III, which sports a standard, 1080p screen. That seems plausible, especially because Samsung's longtime Korean rival, LG , has equipped its own competing phablet -- the G3 -- with a super-high resolution display. Some critics have rightly questioned the value of offering a progressively higher resolution smartphone screens (at a certain point, the human eye has a difficult time telling a difference), but as a virtual reality headset, those extra pixels could make a significant difference. Enough to win over buyers? Ultimately, for Samsung, the value of its virtual reality headset will depend on its ability to move hardware: Will consumers choose Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 over Apple's competing phablet because of its virtual reality capabilities? It's possible, but difficult to answer. Certainly, gaming is important to handset owners -- as a percentage of the time spent using smartphones, almost a third of it is spent gaming, according to analytics firm Flurry.At the same time, impressions of Oculus' headsets have been nearly universally positive -- Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in fact, was so blown away by the experience that he bought the company for $2 billion. But the Oculus Rift that Zuckerberg used was attached to a high-powered gaming PC -- not a Samsung handset. At the same time, there have been dozens of Oculus-compatible games announced or released, but all of them have been designed for the PC. If Samsung is planning to launch a virtual reality headset with its Note 4, it must have some compatible software on the way, but it could take quite a while before there's enough apps and games to sway a significant number of buyers.
Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/samsungs-upcoming-galaxy-note-4-could-be-defined-by-an-unusual-accessory-cm385711

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